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"Cholo is a pomsky who was originally bought from a breeder but then was going to be euthanized for aggression and biting. We adopted him and his life has completely turned around! Now that he feels safe and is no longer being mistreated he no longer bites humans. Cholo has been eating V-Dog since we adopted him, so almost two years now! He is in great health, even the vet commented on what good shape he is in. 

Mika is a pitbull who has had a very hard life. I don't know where she came from or who cut her ears off, but she ended up at a no-kill shelter where she sat and waited seven years to find a home. People were scared of her and thought she was aggressive. She is old now and balding, we estimate she's about 14 years old. We adopted her the day we met her and transitioned her from IAMS to V-Dog. Her health has improved drastically from a combination of good nutrition, TLC, and also vet care. When we got her she was dying from an infection and the amazing people at the shelter helped us get her urgent surgery to remove her infected uterus. 

Cholo and Mika both had rough starts but now they having a loving home and each other.

We are both vegan and animal rights activists with Direct Action Everywhere and we really appreciate V-Dog for existing and being readily available so that we can give our pup healthy and ethical food!"

-Kitty J.

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