Helped my pup recover and gain strength


"I found my 6 month old pup (albino vizsla) starved on my friends 40 acres, he would eat anything! Any of the other vegan/vegetarian brands from PetCo, but he needed more protein to gain weight, gain strength, and grow as he was probably from a puppy mill, his bones in his legs didn’t develop properly, they were shortened and twisted from being an a small cage his whole life! And so I got him V dog, because I heard such great things about it! I had gotten my mom to switch all four of her rescue dogs to it before I even had a dog! And so I knew he had to be a V Dog! And it was better priced than the brands I was supplementing while I waited for his bag to get in! Now he has gained 15 pounds in the 6 weeks I have had him! And he runs, his bones are growing longer in his legs, he loves playing, and has so much energy! My bag ran out early than expected because I am feeding him about a serving and a half to help him gain weight and strength, and so went to get one of the other brands, and he REFUSES to eat it! I have learned my lesson! He only wants the best! Such a spoiled boy he is now! Living the dream after living through the nightmare of over breeding in a puppy mill! Thank you, V dog!"

Katrina N.

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