Improved skin, fur, and energy


"My dog is about 6 years old, that's what the vet guessed. We adopted him about 8 months ago. He was on the next day kill list at the NYC dog shelter. So an organization saved him and then we got him from them.

His ears are thick with years of clot build up inside the skin. This was from years of shaking his head due to his ears itching so badly. We took him to a lot of vets and we treated his ears, but it wasn't until a friend of ours who is a human nutritionist told us it's probably a reaction to food. So we switched to Hill's Z/D which we got at the vet. But it's mostly corn, so our same nutritionist friend sent us your link. 

We're so happy he's not in pain anymore. His skin and fur used to be clammy and he didn't like to be petted, I'm assuming because it hurt. But now he's a ball of energy and his fur is great. His ears are good, and loves to roughhouse with our other 3 dogs. And to be petted! 

Thanks so much. I have told many people about V-Dog. There are a lot of dogs with food allergies out there and most people (like us!) don't realize what it is."

Robert & Simon

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