Symptoms are totally gone!

"Lily (my oldest) suffered terribly from digestive issues for YEARS! I even tried a raw meat diet and it didn't help. I was running up my debt in vet and hospital bills because she was sick so often.

I finally gave a plant based diet a try and she has been symptom free for almost 2 years. 

It's upsetting when people tell me it is abuse. Abuse would be to continue her suffering simply because, 'dogs need meat.'

Her puppy (5 months old) has been plant based since birth. She is just as high energy as any other puppy and has aced her check ups.

I understand the hesitation, but to paint us as irresponsible and animal abusers is far from the truth. If I can reduce demand for animal based products and help my own fur babies health, why wouldn't I????"

Brenda C.