Liver enzyme levels returned to normal


"Transitioning my dogs to V-Dog went smoother than I had anticipated. I began by gradually combining some of their old food with V-Dog, and I noticed that they started picking out the V- Dog kibbles. They never had any loose stool or stomach upsets throughout this transition. In the past, when I tried transitioning them to other food (non-vegan) it was a disaster. With V-Dog, however, I noticed so many benefits immediately. Their tear stains decreased, they had loads more energy, and it helped with the weight management of my male poodle. There was significantly less tartar build on on their teeth as well. My male poodle also got hot spots regularly, and he hasn't had one since I transitioned. Perhaps the most important factor of all, and what finally made me transition completely, was that my male poodle had an extremely elevated ALT level which was affecting his liver. We spent thousands of dollars on tests to get to the root of this issue. We tried 2 different types of medications, each unsuccessful. For 4 years we kept getting his annual blood results, and the ALT level seemed to get worse. So one day, I accidentally stumbled across an article about V-Dog. I didn’t even know that a vegan dog food brand existed at that time. Coincidentally, I had become vegan 2 years ago to help with a health condition, which improved significantly. So, and as a last resort, I thought perhaps this diet change for my poodles could be what helps them too. I stopped giving them random treats and replaced them with vegetables and fruits they could eat, and I ultimately ordered the V-Dog kibble. I waited several months after switching to V-Dog to do his blood work, and I honestly didn't get my hopes too high, as I didn’t think that a simple diet change would improve their blood work results. When I received that first blood work report, I was amazed that for the first time ever in my male poodle’s 5 year life, his ALT levels were normal. I spoke to my vet and told her about the vegan food. And although I expected some backlash, she was actually not surprised and said many dogs with liver issues seem to be better off on a vegetarian/vegan diet. I am extremely happy that while I am doing good for my dog’s health, I am also doing a great thing for the environment and not contributing to the demand of normal dog food that relies heavily on other animal products and animal suffering around the world."

Lucy Rios

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