Looks so good for 12!


"I found vdog while looking for a vegan dog food...once i realized my values as a vegan weren't lining up with what was in my baby's bowl.

Stella has been vegan more than half of her life now, she is 12.  Everyone says 'she looks so good for 12!!' I always follow that with 'that's cuz she's vegan.'

She is always ready to play. (She just ran to grab the ball as i wrote that.) She is a happy little spring chicken...while leaving all the other chickens alone :)) (which makes me happy).

As for the company itself...I am proud to give my $$ to a company that responds to my email with a person that cares. They've responded directly to a shelter when I saw a facebook post for a dog that was having skin issues. They also responded when i reached out about a site that donates bowls of food to shelters; when you purchase gifts through them...telling vdog i would rather those be VEGAN bowls of food. Vdog has never let us down :)) "

Jenne S.

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