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"I'm beyond thrilled of all the love you have shined our way. We could not be more grr-ateful! My girls absolutely love the treats and I have to admit, I was even tempted to take a bite myself. The smells are amazing and so fresh, like a tray of fresh pb cookies I've made myself! I appreciate the love you put in your food making process. I regularly stir in turmeric rice and oats or fresh veggies with their kibble and they absolutely devour it! They can't get enough. I cannot tell you how hard it's been to maintain Harley Quinn at a healthy weight because she simply wouldn't eat her regular dog food. I was often suckered into giving her human food because that's the only thing she would eat. She was fairly underweight with a coarse, dense, dull coat. I would often get asked if she was a puppy at her being 3 years old. She was tiny. She's now turning 4 and the heaviest she's ever been, with a beautiful, dark, shiny, soft, furry coat. I can't compliment the vegan lifestyle I've chosen for them enough as it's not common or recommended in regular veterinary practice. I get this look from veterinarians when I mention that they're newly vegans, like I'm crazy. 'But they need meat,' they say. Not necessarily. What they NEED is protein and they get that from the diet of beans, veggies, seeds and nuts that I provide for them. They absolutely love bananas, carrots, peanuts and almost any other fresh or dehydrated fruit or veggie. All in all, my girls are huge fans of the green life and they absolutely love your food! I cannot thank you enough for all the fresh ingredients you use, I can smell them upon opening the bags! All other treats aren't comparable. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seriously, for this and all the help. Happy tails and much love coming from this furry bunch. We appreciate what you do for us, for the animals and for the world. Keep spreading the vegan torch of knowledge on! You are grr-eat! May the force be woof you!"

The Corona Pack: Denise, Harley Quinn, and Nala

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