My dog lived to age 20 as a vegan!


"My dog Seven, a longtime V-dog customer, lived to the wonderful old age of 20. His little brother, Griffin, is 13 years old. Unfortunately, Seven recently passed away. He had perfect bloodwork and a very strong heart, but his body was just worn out. He LOVED V-dog!

A vegan diet is smart and healthful. I notice my dogs' sweet breath and a wonderfully shiny coats! When I foster dogs, I gently convert them to a vegan diet, and these benefits help them find homes much more quickly.

It's a shame that so many vets (and physicians) are trained with the 'food pyramid,' anti-veganism mindset. I have one of those vets -- he has no clue my dogs are vegan, and his receptionist spews hatred at 'those hippies' who don't feed their dogs meat. Meanwhile, her dogs have short lifespans, and mine live to a healthy old age.

Thank you for making v-dog so easily available and yummy!"

Jill Breslauer

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