My dogs LOVE the food!


"I'm thrilled to have finally ordered your food. My dogs LOVE the food! Also, the kitties love it too, they keep sneaking in and stealing the kibbles from the dogs!

The little guy on the right, Bastian, is our blind crazy rescue dog. We've had him since he was 9 months old. He's 11 years old now and living the dream! He was living on the streets eating garbage when he was found and sent to the Oregon humane society. 

Olive the big girl on the left is only 2 years and finally growing out of her naughty days. She's eaten a couple of hoses that she brought in through the dog door. Some tasty electronics as well! Doggy daycare keeps her out of trouble two days a week! She's the smart one in the family!

Thanks again for your great food and treats!"

Dolores P.

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