My German Shepherd lived to 17 on v-dog!


"Milo loved his v-dog food and treats. He thrived on it too. He lived to be an active 17-year-old German Shepherd. 

I was worried at first when we rescued him at age 5 from animal control in Tucson, as he was not in a very good health.

However, his health only got better and better. In fact Milo never got sick again until his very old age. Up until the last week of his life he was going on his walk with such joy every early morning with me. 

Unlike most German Shepherds, who shows signs of hip problems, Milo did not have arthritis until much later in his life. He lived to be 17 years old. Of course to his mom, that is never going to be old enough, but we know for a German Shepherd that is a long life.

This is what lots of love and a good dog food will give you -- a rich, healthy, happy and very active life. My dogs thrived on v-dog food. 

Thank you v-dog! I always recommended you and will continue to do so."


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