My pups' environmental footprint just got a whole lot smaller


"I just wanted to tell you all how impressed I’ve been with your product. I’ve owned dogs my whole life and I’ve always experimented with diets that are going to help them thrive. There is not a diet I haven’t tried, I was even making kibble for a while. 8 years ago, I rescued a dog with a very rare allergy that led us down the path of the raw food diet. Almost overnight, her allergies were gone and she made a complete turn around. It was so effective that I decided to feed all of my dogs this way, and they all thrived. I was making there food every week, and they loved it and were in tip top shape. The only problem was that even though I’m willing to put aside issues of my own comfort for the sake of my dogs, it always bothered me a bit to be buying so much raw meat organs and bones. What was the environmental impact of my dogs? This type of stuff keeps me up at night. Anyway, about 7 months ago, a decided to switch them over to v-dog to see how they would react. Beyond switching them to a vegan diet, I’ve always hated giving my dogs kibble. I decided that I would do some comprehensive blood panels before and then again 6 months later to make sure they were still doing fine. The first few weeks were bothersome. Their coats weren’t as shiny, their poops were bigger and looser, and they stunk. Then, out of nowhere, that stuff all started going away and back to normal. Well, I am happy to say that I just got their blood work done and it is identical to when they ate the prey model raw diet!!! They really like their food (I still mix in puréed raw veggies), and more importantly I feel relieved that my pups' footprint on our environment just got a whole lot smaller. I just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent product!!"

John Stockman

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