Never been healthier

"As usual, I am totally in love with V-dog! Emma (2 year old Yorkie Mix) has been on V-dog since May 2015 and is doing amazing. She recently had her yearly labs done and all levels were normal! Her teeth and gums look amazing and her skin is clear and healthy! We recently added a new member to our pack: meet Jackson the Cocker Spaniel! At 10 months old, his previous owners were feeding him a very cheap, highly processed food. He was underweight, had dandruff, and tartar buildup on his teeth. In 3 weeks, I've switched him over to V-dog, he's put on 3 lbs, is building muscle, and his dandruff has cleared up. His previous owner said there were days he would "skip" his old meals but now Jackson never misses his V-dog meal!! His *only* complaint is that he prefers a semi-dry or wet food but don't worry, we remedy that by pouring a warm, low sodium, diluted vegan veggie broth over his V-dog and he *loves* it!! Thanks again, V-dog! Loyal customers for life!"