"My dog absolutely THRIVES on v-dog. No more skipping meals (top quality meat based dog food, no appetite for it), her coat grows faster than ever before! No more diarrhea and vomiting out of random. No more inability to gain weight. My dog was underweight when we first got her! She was 49lbs which didn't change with her new high quality meat-based food. She would even skip meals and only eat about 1-2 cups a day! She's an active baby and needs about 3-4 cups a day of food. Once we got her v-dog she never skipped a meal again. Even started eating breakfast! Licks the bowl clean! She is now 62lbs at a healthy weight for her breed and size. Thank you v-dog for creating such a healthy high quality tasty vegan dog food. My baby has never scoffed at v-dog and she's so much healthier!"

Rachel Kelly

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