No IBD symptoms since switching


"Emmett was only a 6 mon. old pup when he suffered his first episode of IBD. Uncontrollable bloody diarrhea that was so bad he spent several days at the emergency hospital. It was life-threatening. After several more episodes and exhaustive tests he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Bowel Disease. No apparent cause..or cure. Despite putting him on a very restricted diet he continued to have bouts of diarrhea for years. A little over a year ago I heard about VDog and decided it was worth a try. I'm not pre-disposed to using superlatives, but not only did he love the kibble, but as soon as he started on VDog I can only describe his poops as....magnificent! We haven't had a problem since. Not only that, but my other two love it as well. I'm very happy with your product!"


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