No more hives, diarrhea, gas, or itching!


"Our 1 yr old Pittie, Maya, started having diarrhea from her usual chicken dog food. Decided to try her on lamb. Lamb caused her to get hives and itch like crazy! My daughter came across vdog mentioned on vegan atlanta fb page. We went to your website and found so many testimonials of other pitties with sensitive stomachs and meat protein allergies. We decided to try it even though I wasn't used to spending as much on dog food. I was willing to pay more if it helped our dog. First thing Maya does when she wakes in the morning is run to the bag of vdog. Which by the way, I have to keep up high so she won't get into it. Pitties normally seem to be food motivated, but never have I seen her this crazy about her food! No hives, no diarrhea, no gas, no itching, regular and consistent poop and it doesn't stink near as bad as when she was eating meat protein. My daughter and I are vegan and we laugh that now one of our dogs is too. Thank you for making such wonderful products."


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