No more joint pain!

"My dogs have been using v-dog since January of this year. My oldest, Mazi, is 6 years old and has been battling bone/joint issues for a couple years.  We've always bought her the most expensive, natural, glucosamine filled dog food AND gave her glucosamine pills (that she hated). I also keep Rimadyl in the house for her. She was diagnosed with FULL arthritis very young and has luxating patella in both back legs. Mazi used wake up stiff and slow to get around, and taking her on walks would cause her to limp. She was just not my happy girl. It's been almost 7 months since we switched her food and she is a completely different dog! No longer stiff from laying too long. No longer has issues on walks, AND she has been keeping up with our very spunky bulldog puppy, Leia. They run (sprint really), jump, roll around, and play all day together. Thank you, V-Dog, for giving me my princess back!"

Amber Kuppert