Happy & healthy with no more seizures

Elvis is an 8 month old Cavapoo - a Poodle + a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.  He is a kind, smart, loving dog who is also hypoallergenic and since as his Grandma I’m very allergic to cats and dogs it is a wonderful thing. Elvis’s mom, our daughter has Type 1 diabetes so we had him tested to determine if he has the right temperament to be trained as a diabetic alert dog - he does - he will start his training next month.
About 2 months ago Elvis began having small seizures, our daughter took him several times to the Veterinarian who recommended that she change his diet and since our daughter is a vegan she thought maybe that might help him too. She contacted a cousin who has raised her Golden Retriever vegan and she recommended V-dog. Elvis eats V-dog kibble everyday and especially likes the regular size breath bone which our daughter gives him every morning - Elvis immediately hides it and when he comes home from doggy day care at the end of the day races to eat it. He is now a happy healthy dog with no more seizures.  
Thank you V-Dog!
Dianne W.

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