Perfect for Pitties!


"I've had my rescue pittie for almost two years now. He's been only on V-dog from the very beginning, and he's never had any health issues--in fact, his vet almost brags about how healthy he is. Except for once a few months ago, I ran out of food between subscriptions so I gave him Rachel Ray for a couple of weeks. After about a week and a half, I noticed huge sores and bleeding all over his upper body. Turns out the vet said he was having an allergic reaction. I felt horrible; I switched him back to V-dog immediately and upped my order frequency, and ever since then he's been perfect! He's five years old now, but everyone who meets him thinks he's a puppy because he has so much energy. I remember the first time I took him to the vet after adoption and told them he was on a plant-based food... I got kind of an eye-roll look and a quiet suggestion to switch to something else. But I'm glad I stuck with V-dog. Pits are more susceptible to allergy issues, but mine has never had a problem as long as he's on V-dog. He loves it, and the vets can't argue with how healthy he is. Thanks for everything you do V-dog team!"

-Katie T.

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