Picked the v-dog out of the other food!


"I recently transitioned my two chihuahuas over to a vegan diet. I want my babies to live a long healthy life, so I started researching vegan dog food brands on the market. 5/7 days of the week I give my dogs my own homemade mixture of whole veggies, but to supplement and ensure they're getting all those extra nutrients (taurine, etc.), they always have a bowl of crunchies out as well. I originally bought v-dog and another vegan dry food on the market (it was a bit cheaper) and I mixed them together. However, my dogs only picked out the v-dog crunchies and did not like the other. So I spent a few hours separating the two foods out, piece by piece (yes, I'm crazy!). Now they only get v-dog for their crunchies and they love it. It is a bit expensive, but their health and well-being is worth it. I highly recommend this brand of food. The small kibbles are perfect for little (or big!) dogs--my chis love it."

Heather D.

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