Pleasantly surprised by the health benefits!


"When I first heard about V-dog, I was conflicted about buying it for my dog. Like many people, I was convinced that dogs needed meat to thrive. I loved my dog so much and didn't want to compromise his health. I ended up doing a lot of research over several days, and learned that as omnivores, dogs didn't need meat. In fact, there was a dog who lived to be 27 years old who was vegan! I decided to buy a bag of V-dog to see how Archer did, ready to go back to meat if he needed it. Boy, was I surprised!! Not only did Archer love the taste, but he had itchy skin issues that cleared right up! After a month or two on V-dog, strangers stopped me on the street to let me know how shiny and beautiful Archer's coat was. Archer has now been eating V-dog for about two years. He has not been to the vet for any illness-related purposes since he went on his vegan diet. He used to go to the vet at least a couple times a year for stomach related problems.

I started buying V-dog because I wanted to save the lives of other animals. Little did I know how much happier and healthier Archer would be on V-dog too!"


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