Refused to eat his old food!


"We ordered a bag - we try not to push our vegan beliefs on others (kids and obviously pets) - so we just thought we would do a 50/50 blend to see if he liked it and to help save some animals, but when we gave our dog a cup of Vdog, he LOVED it. We didn’t want to waste our old food, so we would put one cup of the old food in his bowl and one cup of the Vdog in his bowl until the old bag was nearly gone. Every time he REFUSED to eat the old food, he would eat the Vdog first and pout until I gave him more - I had to make other foods to put on top of it just so he would finish the old bag. He is so thankful (as are we) that it’s now gone. He made it very clear he wanted to be a vegan!

We just got his lab work to make sure everything is in order, the doctor said it all looked fantastic!

He’s been on Vdog for about 6 months - still a puppy and almost done growing! An excellent weight too! If this doesn’t look like a spoiled, healthy, happy dog, not sure what does!"


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