Senior Pug Approved!


"First of all, I really appreciated the 4 small bags for $70 deal. It can be hard to find a good affordable vegan dog food and this special made it a cost-effective option. Second, the shipping was incredibly fast. We underestimated how low on dog food or pupper was and were pleasantly surprised when the V-Dog came in almost immediately. On to our dog's experience: The kibble pieces are really small, about the size of a small pea for each kibble. Our short snouted semi-toothless senior pug seems to get through these without too much trouble. I'm not too sure on the taste but they don't smell bad, they have sort of a neutral food smell. She's notoriously picky and prefers eating dog treats over any food (like any dog would), but, she does eat it twice a day which is more than I could say for any of the other vegan dog food's we've given her. Her stools are a little softer than with other dog foods we've given her but it's not a problem.

Our dog eats vegan as part of her KD diet. This is a diet that was recommended to us by her vet when he reviewed her previous vet records. She has had one kidney removed and seems to have had other kidney problems. (She's a rescue and we're not 100% sure why the kidney was removed by the previous pet parents) That being said, she hasn't been on the V-Dog for too long but her health is as it always has been and I haven't noticed a reduction or increase in energy. I would count that as a good thing. If you're on the fence about buying this dog food, I would give it a try. If you can get it on a deal, even better."

-Angel D.

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