Switched over from a Raw Diet


"I wanted you to know I love your product!  I haven't eaten meat for approx 26 yrs and in the past I've been ridiculed and basically told how dumb and unhealthy I was. 

I've researched vegan dogs for about 7 yrs off and on, and I'm not even sure why it took me so long to change.

I continued to feed my dogs a raw meat diet, thinking this was best for them. I was always so upset feeding them this way and found my self saying 'I'm so sorry!' to the slab of flesh. 

In Oct 2016 my 12 year old Rottweiler passed away. The vet believed it was cancer of the spleen. In November 2016 my 7 year old German Shepherd, Veda, had a enlarged spleen and the vet wanted to do surgery.  I just wasn't sure about the surgery, for multiple reasons. After an ultrasound the vet found no tumors in the spleen or any other organs so surgery was held off. I put Veda on your vegan food and just took her to the vet on Jan 31st 2017. The X-ray showed her spleen is back to normal.

I am so happy to not have to buy meat for my dogs and myself, and I am so thankful that not one animal has to feel pain or fear because of what we eat!  

I may be ridiculed or made fun of because of the choices I make, but to look in the eyes of animals and know I will never take part of their pain or fear brings me such amazing joy and peace.

So thank you for making this possible for not only my dogs, but making a difference for thousands of animals and being there for all of us who choose to end pain and suffering and enjoy all life around us!"


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