Vegan for the animals

"I love you guys and my three doggies are big fans. They finally stopped pouting that they can't ... "
Dotsie Bausch Olympic Medalist & Founder of Compassion Champs www.Compassion-Champs.org

Martha Quinn

"We love our fellow animals, our planet, and our V-dog!!" Dogs of @MarthaQuinn Original MTV VJ,... "
Dogs of

Nathan Runkle

"V-dog has high standards for its products, ingredients, and ethics. It's more than a company, i... "
Nathan Runkle Founder & Executive Director Mercy For Animals

Ingrid Newkirk

"Vegan. Ethical. Delicious (yes, I tasted one!)” Ingrid Newkirk Co-founder and President, Peopl... "
Ingrid Newkirk Co-founder and President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Dr. Richard Oppenlander

"V-dog food is quite beautifully formulated from a nutritional and environmental perspective—and... "
Dr. Richard Oppenlander

Dr. Armaiti May

"As a veterinarian, I highly recommend V-dog for many of my canine patients, including those who... "
Armaiti May, DVM, CVA

Bruce Friedrich

Bruce is pictured with Farm Sanctuary resident, Catalina, who is nobody’s dinner! Photo Cr... "
Bruce Friedrich Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives Farm Sanctuary

Beagle Freedom Project

Isaac was rescued by Beagle Freedom Project from a testing laboratory on the east coast. He is p... "
Shannon Keith President & Founder Beagle Freedom Project

A Well-Fed World

"Vedder and I LOVE V-dog! He loves it for the great taste... you should hear him sing at meal-ti... "
Dawn Moncrief Founder & Executive Director A Well-Fed World

Farm Animal Rights Movement

"V-dog provides a huge service to the world, allowing compassionate people to nourish dogs witho... "
Michael A. Webermann Executive Director Farm Animal Rights Movement

Paul Shapiro

“My dog George lived a happy and healthy life eating V-dog regularly. He loved it!” ... "
Paul Shapiro Vice President, Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States, Founder, Compassion Over Killing

Marisa Miller Wolfson

"Ever since V-dog came on the market, true animal lovers have been rejoicing. Finally, there is ... "
Marisa Miller Wolfson Writer & Director, Vegucated

Shaun Monson

"This is Summer, one of four rescue dogs in our house. Isn't she gorgeous?!?! She's been eating ... "
Shaun Monson Writer & Director, EARTHLINGS and UNITY

Animal Place

"V-dog is the food of choice for the staff dogs at Animal Place. We rescue farmed animals and lo... "
Kim Sturla Executive Director & Co-Founder Animal Place

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary

"Our newest foster dog loves V-dog. We are happy that there is such a great vegan product like V... "
Tina Crow President & Co-Founder Green Acres Farm Sanctuary