This food saved my dog's life!

"Maple is 7 years old and has severe food allergies. She's been battling them her whole life. We... "
Andrea Joseph

Shaking and stomach problems gone!

"My husband and I have 2 Pomeranians - Bailey (3) and Honey (4). They are our babies! We have be... "
Erika Papa

Went from 5 seizure medications to 1!

"Luke is definitely a V-Dog!!! And I am a huge fan of what your food has done for him! He is now... "

No more frequent vet visits for my senior dog!

"My fur baby, Jackson, is a 15-year-old golden retriever chow mix rescue who absolutely adores v... "
Noel Lehr

Switched over from a Raw Diet

"I wanted you to know I love your product!  I haven't eaten meat for approx 26 yrs and in the pa... "

Vets can't believe it!

"When I went vegan to reduce animal suffering just over 4 years ago, I switched my German Shephe... "
Meg Pasquini

My dog lived to age 20 as a vegan!

"My dog Seven, a longtime V-dog customer, lived to the wonderful old age of 20. His little broth... "
Jill Breslauer


"I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU and a shout-out to all of you at V-dog! Rocky was resting a lot... "
Laura Sanchez

No more health problems or medications!

"Harry is 16 years old. He had developed arthritis, cataracts, allergies and horrible skin probl... "

Beautiful and Itch-free!

"After using V-dog for over 3 years, it's safe to say we are hooked and for good reason. Before ... "
Devan Ciccarelli

No more joint issues!

"My dogs have been using v-dog since January of this year. My oldest, Mazi, is 6 years old and h... "
Amber Kuppert

Arthritis Schmarthritis!!

"Three years ago, Sadie was diagnosed with premature arthritis. She required help just getting u... "
Lindsay Morris

Duffy lived until 20 years old on v-dog!

"We started our wonderful dog Duffy on V-Dog over six years ago. He was 14 at that time and had ... "
Mark & Sandy

This stuff totally lives up to the hype!

"Finn went vegan a few months ago. From the time Jon and I rescued Finn as a little pup, he had ... "

Cushing's disease regressed and then resolved!

"Dogs are omnivores, just like humans... As is the case with humans, there is a mounting body of... "
Dr. Ethan J. Ciment