The healing powers of v-dog

"Lady Locklear, my pittie, has been through it! I adopted her a year ago in Texas then moved bac... "
Terah, Lady & Meyer

Never skips a meal

"My dog absolutely THRIVES on v-dog. No more skipping meals (top quality meat based dog food, no... "
Rachel Kelly

Picks around the old food!

"Ivory is usually a picky dog but LOVES this food. I am currently mixing the v-dog with her old ... "

Delicious food for a picky pup

"Lily is a 5 year old chihuahua. She was adopted at the age of 2 and often used to ignore her fo... "

Mini Bites for Mini Pups!

"I am so excited to offer my dogs the small bite kibble. I have 3 mini poodle mixes and even tho... "

Shiny, beautiful coat!

"Bandit loves his V-dog! Never before has he begged to be fed breakfast and dinner... but he tel... "
Barb & Bandit

Love the fresh ingredients!

"I'm beyond thrilled of all the love you have shined our way. We could not be more grr-ateful! M... "
The Corona Pack: Denise, Harley Quinn, and Nala

V-dog passes the taste test!

"I have two picky chihuahuas and I was nervous to try V-Dog because when I tried other vegetaria... "

Amazing transformation!

"My two and a half year old rescued pittie mix, Karma, made the switch two months ago, and she h... "

Much more energy and eats her food in one sitting!

"Made the switch close to a month ago now and I honestly feel like my dog Sundae has so much mor... "

Picky eater LOVES v-dog!

"We just tried V-dog for the very first time! :D I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  I was... "
Sarah May 

Happy dog, happy mama!

"I have been struggling for quite some time on how to feed my dog a vegan diet. It was so distre... "

He actually looks forward to feeding time!

"It's been a difficult road trying to find dog food that my dog Jax actually likes. Trial after ... "

Finally able to get my dog to eat!

"I cried out of happiness after being able to finally get my dog to eat. We rescued a pup who wa... "

A Food She Actually Enjoys

"I just wanted to write to you to let you know how incredible your product is. I am SO happy tha... "