The better choice for all animals

"Here's Petey, my 6 year old shelter rescue. I feel good about feeding him v-dog and I swear it has made him a bit more mild mannered and should I say 'chill?'  What sort of awakened me to vegetarian/veganism is the idea that you cuddle and do anything you can for your 'pets' while eating one on your plate! This was years ago and while the switch for me came easy, I still struggled with opening a can of another chopped up, slaughtered animal to feed to my own well pampered pet. After doing research, I was happy to find v-dog and read the testimonials of other pet owners that have fed this to there precious pooches for years. While I can't label Petey a strict vegetarian, I'm just happy to be feeding him a quality dog food that has low impact on the environment and no impact on all the sweet animals that this world offers! Thank you!"