The Boys

"It was 17 years ago that we rescued a litter of 4 puppies - 'The Boys.'  They were about 1.5 weeks old and we bottle fed and loved them. At the time, we had 4 other dogs who were vegan/vegetarian. When it was time to transition the puppies to solid food we thought maybe they needed a different type of vitamin or protein-level than our adult dogs, but we didn't know of any vegetarian/vegan puppy food commercially available. So, to give them puppy food for their little bodies to develop, we bought them a meat-based food. We mixed it with the vegetarian and vegan food. To our surprise, when they had the opportunity to choose the food they wanted, they chose the vegan! 'To heck with that meat food...we want what we want!' They actually PICKED OUT the vegan kibble and left the meat-based kibble behind in their bowls. We had an adventure trying to find brands for them. We did our best cooking for all of them - we would cook large slow-cookers full of veggies, legumes, and whole grains. We added nutrients and learned a lot!
Now about these boys..they were the most tender-hearted little Buddhas you could ask for. They did not have a prey instinct, etc., they were ALWAYS kind to each other. They didn't compete for food or toys or fight, or anything else; they freely gave to each other. Can you imagine 8 dogs of various ages as vegan superstars? They made us so happy. We laughed so hard at the beautiful little souls we were given. When it was just the "4" left, we incorporated smoothies for breakfast. Imagine that? They all drank a pie plate full of fruit, green, and nutrient smoothie, and we finally found v-dog, which they loved. 
Our last Boy "Little Bear" died at 17 years old just a couple of weeks ago; he died at home on his own terms. They lived 14,15,16 and 17 years...amazing for big dogs. Thank you for your caring support over the years and for coming out with a great product."
-Robin & Lisa

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