The Healing Powers of V-dog


"I’ve been a V-Dog fan for years. Since I’m Vegan, I wanted to be able to feed my dogs a vegan diet, as long as it provided complete nutrition. After studying your website, I felt comfortable feeding it to my dogs. They loved it!

After I lost my beloved Casey a few years ago, I was able to do something I have always wanted to do; be a foster mom. So now, I share my home with five furbabies. Mostly seniors, and all girls.

It wasn’t until I took in fosters Francie (aka Little Miss Francie Pants) and Zsa Zsa, that I began to appreciate the healing powers of V-Dog. They both came to me with fairly bad skin issues. The top part of Francie’s ears had no hair on them, and the skin was covered with tiny bumps in that area. Poor Zsa Zsa had a serious case of Itchy Butt, and had no hair on her back at the base of her tail. The skin there was very crusty and red and dry, and she constantly tried to gnaw or scratch at it.

I didn’t take them to the vet, or try any home remedies (other than a bit of coconut oil occasionally) but within a couple of weeks I could see that both dogs were doing better. Two months after arriving, they were both completely free of any skin issues. I made sure that the Rescue Group knew about this miraculous cure! It was an amazing transformation.

A few years ago, I signed up on a website to be notified when there is any “pet food” recall in the USA. (I used to volunteer at the local shelter, which gets donations of dog food, and I wanted to keep an eye out.) I’ve been shocked at the number of recalls on cans and bags of dog food over the past few years. The problems with the food are often life-threatening! And every time that happens, I am thankful that my dogs are V-Dogs. J Never once in the eight years or so that I’ve been ordering V-Dog, has there ever been a problem or a recall. It gives me great peace of mind to know that the food my dogs eat isn’t going to make them sick or kill them. I can’t imagine living through a nightmare like that.

It doesn’t hurt that the humans who work at V-Dog are so caring and helpful. I always get prompt answers to my questions and responses to my inquiries. Customer Service is something I no longer take for granted, but dealing with V-Dog staff is always a pleasure. Thank you for that!

I know people pay $1000 or more for allergy tests for their companions. I always wonder if a couple of months on a V-Dog diet would have solved the problem. It worked for us! And you can buy a LOT of V-Dog with a thousand dollars!"

Char Duncan

AR Activist, Foster Mom, and V-Dog fan

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