This food saved my dog's life!


"Maple is 7 years old and has severe food allergies. She's been battling them her whole life.

We have tried every kibble and every diet. We've spent THOUSANDS at the vets. She's was on Prednisone daily for the 9 months prior to switching her to V-Dog.

Maple is doing amazingly well on V-Dog. For the first time in YEARS! Unlike anything else we've tried.

We were considering putting her down during our summer break. She was in such bad shape. She looked like a burn victim. She would scratch her face until she had open, bleeding sores.


Look how much she improved in less than 2 weeks! She's also been off of Prednisone for well over a month now. Also, I see no sign of any allergic reaction beginning. Usually I will know within a day or so, whether or not she is having a reaction. All I see is a healthy skin and coat!

So, for all you naysayers; This food LITERALLY saved my dog's life.

And for all of you on the fence about whether this will work for your dog, or if it's worth the money; it is absolutely worth a try!

Thank the heavens! I love my girl!

Thank you v-dog! I cannot thank you enough." 

Andrea Joseph

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