Unbelievable healing results!


"We have 2 amazing rescues that are brightest lights of our lives - CoCo Puff Puffins (pittie) and Casper Meatball Puffins (chihuahua). And, if you would've told me 3 years ago that not only I would be 100% plant based but our dogs would devouring vegan kibble I would've laughed hysterically and thought you were absolutely NUTS. Yet, here we are and we are thriving!

When I made the choice to be vegan, it was overnight and I had absolutely no template to follow - no one that I could ask the most basic questions to for help. It was completely uncharted territory, and, to be very honest, most days, I felt confused and overwhelmed, but I stayed with it because it I knew it was the right choice for me. Eventually, it slowly started coming together, and I started figuring it all out. It was during this time, that Casper started having serious and alarming allergic reactions to their high-quality kibble and after multiple panels and tests our vet identified the reactions as food-based.

We got a list of "no foods," and I couldn't believe that nearly every meat was on this list. After many failed attempts with fish based kibble (what our vet recommended), I decided that we "might as well" try v-dog since we had tried nearly everything else at this point. It was our "hail mary." And, when the bag arrived, I braced myself expecting they would spit it out (what they do when they're just not into something - little stinkers) and I would be donating the rest to the local shelter. But, to my absolute surprise (and delight), that is not what happened. Casper, our very picky eater, devoured every single little morsel and wanted more! His little Chihuahua eyes were shining happy and bright; he was happy and he LOVED it! Ever since, he's been eating consistently, and he has had not had a single reaction since. His panels have are absolutely perfect and he's back to being our happy go-lucky little love bug.

And, CoCo? She inhaled it! CoCo has severe neurological damage in the back half of her body/spine due to pre-rescue trauma and her being with us at 8 years old is a miracle in its own right. She takes a line-up of medication daily and her health is very closely monitored by our vet. After about 1 month on V-dog, I took her in for a full panel and all of her numbers were PERFECT - that had never happened once since we adopted her! And, over the past 5 months since she's been on V-Dog, her neurogenic atrophy not only seems to be slowing down but she is placing her "special paw" correctly over 95% of the time without the assistance of her leg brace that she has used since adoption in 2012.

My babies are THRIVING on V-Dog, and I'm so incredibly thankful. Their energy is up, their medical panels are full of gold stars, their fur is silky soft, and they're perfectly happy! This is not a path I could've previously ever imagined for myself or for them, and it has challenged everything I thought I knew. But, it is amazing and beautiful and perfect. Thank you for being such an unexpected and wonderful part of our journey! And, thank you for the courage to trail-blaze this path so that when people like me cross it I can have the choice and then take the chance to find absolutely every expectation met along the way (with the added bonus of so many unexpected and awesome surprises)!

We are some of your biggest fans. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Antonetta, CoCo Puff and Casper

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