V-dog has extended my dying dog's life!


"June of 2016 my 100 lb Lab/Dobie mix was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was told only chemo would delay his demise for no more then 6 mo to a year. He was dying before my eyes and I decided chemo was too cruel and to take him to a vet to be euthanized. The new vet suggested prednisone that may put the lymphoma into remission but would only help 6 mo to a year. He was on the prednisone for a year. So I enjoyed the extra year with my lovely companion. After reading about how corrupt the pet food industry was I decided to try the vegan dog food. I added Chaga tea to his food every morning to detox him and it is also anti cancer. Also Chlorella and probiotics. He loves it and even my sons cat waits till he is done eating so he can enjoy his special meal. (He always leaves a few crumbs for the cat!) It has been two years June 2018 and I believe the V-dog food has been paramount in his survival. I do wish it had coconut oil instead of canola oil in it. Thank you V-dog for giving me this extended time with my 9 yr old companion!"


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