V-Dog literally saved our dog’s life!


"Our beautiful bully pit Gucci has always suffered with mild to moderate skin rashes and hot spots since she was a puppy.  We spent a lot of time at the vets and tried just about every kind of food there is along with expensive medications, in the hopes of reducing her painful and itchy symptoms.  Nothing seemed to work so we had no choice but to accept this ill fate. 

Several months ago, Gucci’s health took a turn for the worst.  Her skin rashes got so bad that she lost all of her hair and her entire body became swollen with sores and outbreaks.  She was on prednisone and antibiotics but still her symptoms got worse and worse.  She began vomiting up her food, she had constant diarrhea and became lethargic.  She didn’t want to stand up anymore and was losing the will to live.  We dreaded the worst case scenario but sadly, we considered putting her down to end her suffering. 

We heard about V-Dog from a relative and decided to give it a try.  We were desperate.  Within 5 – 7 days on V-Dog Gucci’s symptoms started to subside.  The swelling went down, the sores healed and her hair began growing back.  Within 3 weeks she was back to her playful, loving and healthy self!  She was darting around the house with more joy and enthusiasm than we’ve ever seen!  She was so happy to be free from pain.

We are eternally grateful to the makers of V-Dog.  We appreciate everything this dog food has done for Gucci and for our entire family.  Now our beautiful Gucci has a bright future and can enjoy playing with our 1 year old daughter.  They can grow up together."

Bill Geas 

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