V-doggies for over 10 years!


"My husband and I adopted our sweet Daisy and Daphne from our local animal shelter in 2007. I went vegan not long after and became increasingly more uncomfortable feeding them the typical commercial dog food. Later on, I came across v-dog and thought I’d give it a try. Well, Daisy and Daphne both loved it! I don’t know the exact date we switched to v-dog, but I do know it’s been over ten years. We celebrated their 15th birthday this past April and I know it’s 100% due to their healthy diet. They don’t have any health issues, are still active, and love going on walks and hikes. Thank you, v-dog, for creating a food that keeps our little pups young and healthy without sacrificing our morals!"

- Julia, Matt, Daisy, & Daphne

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