Went from 5 seizure medications to 1!


"Luke is definitely a V-Dog!!! And I am a huge fan of what your food has done for him! He is now 14 years old and at age of 9 he started to have seizures. They increasingly became worse to the point of 18-24 in a 24 hour period every 4-6 weeks. Needless to say, Luke has a team of neurologists at the University of GA Vet Teaching Hospital he was seeing quite regularly! ICK! In April 2015, I started him on V-Dog. Since then, he has gone from 5 seizure medications to ONE!!! He also went from an arthritis medication and supplement to NONE! He was a walking zombie on all of his meds, but now...Luke runs across the yard, jumps on the bed again to sleep with his mom (which I LOVE!) and gets up the stairs! I RAVE about V-Dog constantly!!!!!!"


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