My Remembrance Of Dave

I first met Dave at the 2011 National Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles. I had already been feeding my dogs vegan dog food so I was interested to hear all about v-dog. I told Dave that I would be happy to promote on social media and could promote through the animal rights organization that I worked for. He was happy to send me a bag for my pups to try out. Of course my dogs loved it! I offered to help v-dog with their social media and we never looked back.

With me living in San Francisco and Dave in Sacramento I was only able to meet him in person about a half dozen times but we communicated multiple times a week via email, text and occasionally by phone. Dave was great to work for. He was very excited about the future of v-dog, full of ideas and energy and worked non-stop to help animals. A few months ago I told Dave that I'd like to take over operations when he retires and he told me he was having a lot of fun with v-dog and he wouldn't be retiring anytime soon.

Dave was my friend, my hero and my employer, he was loved by all and he will be greatly missed by me and everyone he touched!

[Top photo November 12 2011. Middle photo August 29 2013 Team V-dog at Millennium in San Francisco.]

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@ryanmoore Team V-dog

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