10 Baby Animals who Love their Fruits and Veggies

Hooray for plant foods! Here are 10 cuties enjoying their fruit and veggie snacks, because, well...who doesn't love baby animals? 

This baby turtle's eyes are bigger than his stomach.


Baby carrots make great snacks for baby bunnies!


This little hamster is enjoying a full buffet.


Baby monkeys go bananas for bananas!


These opossums can't wait to get their little hands on some watermelon.


This tiny sloth is devouring a green bean. Just give her a few hours...


This little squirrel is nuts for grapes!


This kitten is as cool as a cucumber.


And of course, puppies know that peas are protein-packed!




At v-dog, we love fruits and veggies, and so do our pups! Plant foods can provide all the essential nutrition for dogs to live long, happy, healthy lives. Just ask our thousands of canine customers! We've been serving up tasty kibble and treats since 2005, showing the world that no animal has to suffer in order for our beloved fur babies to thrive. It's a win-win! 

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Questions? Our team of animal lovers is here to help! Email us at support@v-dog.com.

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