10 Cute Cow Photos to Brighten Your Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are 10 adorable cows to make you smile, courtesy of Cows with Hearts!

1. This fuzzy cow soaking up the sunshine.

2. This little calf enjoying a chin rub.

3. This cutie chomping on some greens.

4. This cuddly cow chillin' with her kitty friend.

5. This furball hogging the camera.

6. This cheeky cow giving her friend a smooch.

7. This beauty posing for a photoshoot.

8. This cute pair enjoying some snuggles.

9. This sweetie making a new friend.

10. This majestic cow who thinks she's a unicorn.

For more cuteness, check out Cows with Hearts on Twitter @cowswithhearts and Instagram @cowswith.hearts  

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Image credit: twitter.com/cowswithhearts; rover.com

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