10 Ways to Help Shelter Pets this Winter Season

As the chilly winter season is upon us, and we're surrounded by family (fur children) and friends (fur childrens' playmates, human people), we're reminded of all the wonderful things we have! Heck- we have a fur child what more could we ask for? A fur child's love is the best thing in the whole wide world. Because we have best pawghter or furson ever, let's give back and give to the fur children that have not yet found their furever home- the shelter babies. 

Here are 10 EASY, FUN, & VERY DO-ABLE ways you can help shelter babies this holiday season!

1. Foster a Fur Child: You could help create a xmas/hannukah/kwanza miracle by fostering a little nugget until they get adopted! Some rescues/shelters will allow their animals to be fostered for any amount of time - 1 night, 1 week, or a 2 hour outing. That's because ANYTHING HELPS! Doggies often get super stressed in kennels and need a break from them to calm down. 

2. Donate Used Items: Things like newspapers, old towels, and old pet beds could be treasure to that little chichi shivering in the corner of his kennel!

3. Donate New Items: Wanna make a shelter baby's life? Buy some treats, toys, or breathbones???!!! ;) so that volunteers have some goodies to give out to the children!

3. Spend Time with the fur Children (if you can't volunteer): Lift the spirits of all the shelter babies by visiting them! You literally just standing on the opposite side of the kennel sticking your hand on the bars and talking "baby" to them makes them so happy! If you can get a good head scratch in there too you'll be loved forever.

4. Spend Time with the Fur Children (if you can volunteer): Being a shelter volunteer is like being an angel to animals. Seriously, there is often a limited number of shelter volunteers at each shelter. Shelter volunteers are the people who take the dogs to play, walk them, potty them, feed them, and do everything else for them. There are shelter staff, but often times the shelter staff are so busy with the administrative duties of the shelter that taking out the dogs is not even apart of their job. 

5. Donate Money: You can donate money directly to a shelter or rescue group, sponsor a rescue dog's adoption, or even raise money through a fundraiser!

6. Use Social Media: On your own account, or on the rescue's/shelter's social media accounts, get animals noticed by sharing, posting, commenting, and liking.

7. Hold a Pet Supplies Drive: It's so easy peezy to hold a holiday pet supplies drive! All you need is a bin/bins, a sign, a cute dog to put in front of the sign for people to pet, and an area that works- a high school, a college, in front of a store, church, community center, and more!

8. Drive for Transport: Many rescue groups and some shelters use volunteers to transport rescue animals to areas where they’re more likely to find homes. Depending on the group you’re working with, the amount of time you put in volunteering could be anywhere from a few hours to a full weekend — just let the staff know to what you can commit.

9. Support Adoption: Millions of animals are put down each year simply do to the fact that there is not enough space in shelters for them. Puppies, purebred dogs, senior dogs, ALL dogs end up in shelters. Please educate yourselves, your friends, random people you've just met, and your family on adoption! #Adoptdontshop

10. Adopt a furever friend (if you can take care of him/her furever): When you adopt a shelter pet, you save 2 lives. The one you adopt, and the one who takes his/her place. 

For more info on ways to help visit: World Animal News

For more info on our vegan dog products visit: www.v-dog.com


(image credits: @the_lovekitchen, @ycasadoptions)

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