3 Recent Recalls on Meat-Based Pet Food

2017 is off to a rocky start for the pet food industry. Three major meat-based pet food companies recently issued recalls due to product contamination: 

Feb 9, 2017: PetSmart Grreat Choice adult dog food with chicken and rice

Feb 10, 2017: Wellness canned cat food (7 varieties)

Feb 13, 2017: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight, Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables dog food

The PetSmart and Blue Buffalo recalls were reportedly due to metal contamination, while the Wellness recall was a result of "foreign material" discovered at the production facility. Customers were urged to return product from contaminated lots.


Here at v-dog, we are proud to say that we have never had any product recalls during the 12 years we've been in business. All of our products, bags, boxes, production facilities, warehouses and shipping carriers are produced and based in the US, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination and our ecological footprint -- a win-win!

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Image credit: petfoodindustry; americandogblog

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