7 Questions Vegan Dogs Get ALL the Time

If you're a vegan dog, you're no stranger to being bombarded with questions at the dog park. Vegan dog Jilly answers some of the top vegan dog FAQs below!

#1 Where do you get your protein?

I get my protein from plants! Peas, lentils, and quinoa are all great sources of plant-based protein that are clean and healthy.

#2 Isn't meat more "biologically appropriate?"

We're not wolves, bro. Since we've evolved under human care for thousands of years, we're now physiologically omnivorous (just like humans!), which means we can thrive on a vegan diet.

#3 Aren't grains bad for you?

Nope! Unless you have an allergy to a particular grain (which is rare compared to meat allergies), grains are a healthy source of nutrition. In fact, the gene necessary for starch digestion, AMY2B, has multiplied many times over throughout dog evolution.

#4 How can you stand the taste of vegan food?

Vegan dog food is delicious! My v-dog food smells like fresh peas, my treats like peanut butter, and my breathbones like cinnamon. My parents have to hold me back from eating too much! 

#5 I knew a vegan dog once and he looked malnourished.

Was he eating a nutritionally balanced diet? Any diet should be nutritionally complete and AAFCO approved to make sure you're not missing out on any nutrients.

#6 How does your system handle all that extra fiber?

Actually, my food is similar in fiber content to meat-based foods. A vegan food can help with digestive symptoms caused by low-quality and allergen-filled food.

#7 Veganism for dogs is extreme.

Not at all! I'm getting excellent nutrition without harming any animals. Seems like a win-win to me!


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