Study Finds Horse and Other Unlabeled Meat in Pet Foods

As food allergies and other health concerns persist in dogs and cats, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of seeking out high-quality foods for their pets. A recent study, however, found that many pet foods were mislabeled and contained animal species not listed on ingredients panels. If we can't trust the ingredients list, how can we be sure our dogs and cats are receiving proper nutrition from reliable sources?

Researchers analyzed European pet foods that contained either novel or hydrolyzed protein (both commonly prescribed for pets with food allergies). Of the 40 products analyzed, a mere 10 contained only animal protein sources that matched the label. Genetic traces from horses, cows, chickens, ducks, fish, goats, geese, pigs, rabbits, sheep and turkeys were found in foods that did not list these animals on their labels. 

The researchers concluded that producing uncontaminated pet food is possible, since 10 of the products did actually match what was listed on their labels. However, since 75% of the foods tested were mislabeled, pet parents should be wary about using foods that advertise novel or hydrolyzed proteins to diagnose or treats allergies.

So what is a pet parent to do? The researchers of the study recommend a home-cooked elimination diet to have full control over the ingredients your pet is consuming. Vegan diets for dogs are another solution to both the allergy conundrum and the "mystery meat" issue. Made with 100% plant-based nutrition, vegan formulas like v-dog work wonders for dogs with any animal protein allergy.

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Sources: Pet Food Industry; BMC Veterinary Research


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  • Who are the researchers who tested the Euro pet foods?
    Why haven’t US produced pet foods been tested; or if they have where is the research published?

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