9 Heart-Melting Animal Friendships

As we all know, dogs are vicious carnivores that mercilessly attack their prey. Warning: graphic images below!

Just kidding...dogs are total softies who love everyone! Check out 9 dogs who became besties with other animals and proved to be the friendliest species on the planet!


1. Naptime is better with a bunny!


2. Kittens make purrfect playmates!


3. Lambs love a helping hand! (Or paw)


4. Goat kisses are the best kisses!


5. Ducks make fine feathered friends!


6. Piglets and puppies are the cutest twins!


7. Fawns are the best cuddle buddies!


8. Dog + calf = best buds!


9. Chickens are for loving, not eating!


At v-dog, we're all about interspecies love! That's why we make animal products without animal products. Our fur babies can thrive on our nutritionally complete plant-based diet without harming a single soul. It's a win-win!

Dogs have evolved alongside humans for thousands of years, taking on an omnivorous diet and making excellent use of starches. We've seen thousands of dogs live long, healthy, happy lives on v-dog kibble -- read their incredible stories here!

Learn more about vegan diets for dogs on our FAQ page.


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