A Vegan Diet Transformed my Dog's Coat & Skin

Does your pup have dull, greasy, or patchy fur? Many dogs suffer from unhealthy coats, and a diet change may help. These 5 pet parents switched their pups to v-dog, which eliminated inflammatory ingredients and common allergens from their diets. The result? Thick, shiny coats and smooth, healthy skin.

From chronic skin issues to gorgeous coat

I adopted Chinny 6 years ago and have been dealing with her chronic skin issues, allergies and ear infections for about 5 of those 6 years.  I tried EVERYTHING.  Last prescribed diet was raw food with goat milk...but it only made matters worse.  She started balding, her ears were draining constantly (the raw food 'expert'  told me it was detox) and she was eating her paws until they were bloody and raw.  Thousands of dollars and months later....here we are, feeding v-dog and having a 6 year old with a gorgeous coat, improved ears, no biting paws and acting like a puppy again!  

- Neda

Coat grew back thicker

When I started my dog on v-dog he had some itchy red skin, and very thin coat on his back. Now he has very little itching and his coat grew in thicker. Thank you, v-dog!

- Debra

Softer coat & shedding less

Our dog had zero trouble making the transition and even prefers v-dog over her previous animal protein based kibble. Her coat has also gotten softer and she's shedding less which is an added bonus I do not mind lol. Thanks for bringing this great option to the vegan pet parents of the world!! Now to show everyone that a plant based diet leads to a healthier life for humans and our pups :)

- Kris

So good for tummies & coats

We love that the entire company is vegan and that the food is such high quality. Other vegan kibble was rough on one of our dog's tummy, and made the other's coat dry. Less than 2 months of using v-dog and both issues cleared up. Plus, they love the taste so much, we can actually use kibble as training treats sometimes! Keep it up!

- Tara

Luxurious coat

My 130 lb 7-year-old mastiff mix has been enjoying v-dog every day for two years now. He’s energetic, full of spunk and his coat is LUXURIOUS. So glad I found this dog food for my sweetie. He’s thriving!

- Justina


Want to see the results for yourself? 

Since 2005, v-dog has helped countless dogs recover from allergy and digestive symptoms. V-dog kibble is made in California with plant-based superfoods like peas, lentils, and quinoa. Check out some of the thousands of thriving v-dogs on our testimonials page.

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