Adopted Pup '89' Has A Breathbones Secret

This is '89' and she has an interesting way of enjoying her v-dog breathbones. According to 89's mom's blog (A Soy Bean), "She either walks around with it in her mouth, whining (with excitement?)...Or, hides it somewhere - like under the piano or behind the sofa cushions."

Here is a photo of 89 being not-so-sneaky, hiding her breathbone under the pillows.  


Dogs hide bones out of an instinctual urge that dates back thousands of years, before dogs become domesticated as pets. In order to save food and protect it from scavengers or fellow pack mates, wolves would bury their excess snacks, hidden away from greedy eyes.

Does your pup have a funny way of enjoying their cinnamon-y, yummy breathbones




Photos courtesy of A (soy) Bean blog. 

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