These Athletic Dogs are Plant-Powered

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles can thrive on a vegan diet -- even those with super high energy requirements. In a 2009 study, Brown et al. explored vegan diets in dogs that have some of the highest energy needs: sprint-racing huskies. Huskies fed a vegan diet were found to be in excellent physical condition at the end of the study, with normal hematology results (i.e., they did not become anemic). Meet these 6 doggie athletes who are reaching their full potential on a plant-based diet.

Baxter & GRiZ

Baxter and GRiZ are Dock Dogs, and well known in the dog diving community. "Baxter is 10 years old and is a Hall of Fame dog in Dock Dogs," says Tony, their dad. "GRiZ is the current world record holder at extreme vertical in Dock Dogs. He broke the record in 2013 and it still stands today. No dog has come even close to his record."

This year on their competition tour, Tony's hoping that GRiZ will break his world record with a 9 foot vertical jump. Yup, you read that right -- this pup can jump nearly 9 feet vertically! Baxter and GRiZ are powered by v-dog, and are proud to show off their vegan power at each Dock Dogs event.



At age 14, Daisy is taking on 5 miles of terrain each day -- from hiking and trail running to backcountry skiing and mountain biking -- all with her proud mama, Monica. Monica credits Daisy's highly active lifestyle to her vegan diet, which includes v-dog kibble and homemade food like quinoa, beans, carrots, and yams. 



Tripp is a highly active dog, and loves his outdoor activities: hiking, dock-jumping, tearing around the yard, playing keep-away with the name it! His vegan diet gives him the energy and nutrition to live life to the fullest. 



According to her dad, Dan, Cinnamon fell in love with her vegan food at the first whiff of the delivery truck. "Cinnamon is very athletic and after 17 lbs. or so of v-dog, has as much energy and muscle tone as ever," says Dan. He feels good knowing that his ethics and his pup's athleticism don't have to conflict. 



Snickers is the marathon training partner to her dad, Randy, who chooses veganism based on its many health benefits. As nearly 10 years old, Snickers is as youthful and tireless as a puppy, thanks to her plant-powered diet and active lifestyle. 


Where do vegan dogs get their protein? 


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