Biased Review of Vegan Dog Food

Here at v-dog, we want you to feel confident that you are feeding your pup the healthiest, best quality food out there. We've learned that there is some misinformation present on the internet and wanted to provide the facts, straight from's mouth! 
The Dog Food Advisor is a review website owned and written by a dentist by the name of Mike Sagman. Although he claims the reviews are all "unbiased," Sagman makes it very clear that ANY vegan dog food formula can only reach a max of two stars on his website. Which is clearly not unbiased. 
In the review of v-dog, Sagman spells out the ingredients of v-dog kibble, but fails to highlight that our formula is free of animal by-products (or any animal products at all), wheat, corn, soy, gluten and GMOs - all ingredients very commonly found in many other dog foods which he grants higher ratings to (such as Iams brand, which not only contains byproducts and fillers, but also tests on animals).
Our formula is AAFCO approved, veterinarian recommended, and completely safe.
According to Sagman's statement, "So, although we do recognize the need for some dog owners to provide (for whatever reason) a completely meat-free diet, we also respect a dog’s natural carnivorous bias," he clearly does not support or potentially even know much information about a vegan lifestyle's benefits, or the studies that have been conducted that scientifically prove that dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet: 

1. "Dogs possess genes for digesting starches, setting them apart from their carnivore cousins — wolves." Nature study:

2. “While dogs in other parts of Eurasia continued to readily interbreed with wolves, the dogs that moved into Southeast Asia no longer lived near wolves, and so they developed a totally different evolutionary trajectory, influenced by the agriculture of Southeast Asia." UC Davis study:

Sagman's use of  the phrase "for whatever reason," is almost insulting as we are so very passionate about providing a cruelty-free dog kibble that breaks the cycle of using factory farmed animals for pet food. We have thousands of happy, healthy pooch customers who utterly live for v-dog meal time! Their experiences speak for themselves: check out our testimonials page for personal doggy stories of zero allergies, healthier tummies, less medications, and beyond. 

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