V-dog Breathbones vs. Popular "Greenies" Treats for Dogs

Healthy chew treats can be a great addition to your dog's diet for dental health and overall well-being. With so many chews on the market, how does our v-dog breathbone stack up to the competition?

Below we break down some of the key differences between v-dog's breathbones and the well-known Greenies dental chews


#1 Nutrition 💪

Greenies Original Dental Chews

  • Contain animal products (chicken, gelatin, glycerin)  
  • Wheat is 1st ingredient (common allergen for dogs) 
  • 32 ingredients
  • See the full ingredients list here

V-dog Breathbones

  • 100% vegan
  • Wheat and gluten free; Easily digestible 
  • Whole vegetable ingredients, including pumpkin, carrots, chia seed, broccoli, parsley, and spinach 
  • 18 ingredients
  • See the full ingredients list here 


#2 Taste  👅

Greenies: These treats are very popular, so it's clear most dogs enjoy the taste of them! They have been on the market for years and are clearly tried and true treat, taste-wise, for many pups. 

Breathbones: Since Breathbones are made with whole foods ingredients, the fresh smell and taste are very strong for a dog's sensitive nose and tastebuds. 


#3 Smell 👃

Greenies: According to some reviews online, the smell of Greenies seems to be not-so-amazing.

Breathbones: One of the most significant aspects of this treat is their smell. Not only do dogs love the strong cinnamon-y smell and taste of breathbones, but as a human writing this, I can tell you that they smell like an amazing pumpkin spice latte. I'm not even kidding! 

If you're currently offering Greenies treats to your pup, we think it's certainly worth trying out some breathbones. Check out more info on these yummy chew treats and shop here


V-dog offers 100% plant-based kibble and treats for your pup that are as healthy as they are delicious! Dog parents rave about the nutritional benefits of v-dog kibble, and we've seen thousands of pups thrive on our diet over the 12 years we've been in business -- check it out for yourself!

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