Bye Bye, Big Mac!

McDonald's is facing a growing challenge -- catering to millennials, the largest and most vegetarian-leaning generation yet. According to a New York Times article, "An estimated 12 percent of millennials say they are 'faithful vegetarians,' compared with 4 percent of Gen X’ers and 1 percent of baby boomers." Research indicates that only 1 in 5 millennials has ever even tried a Big Mac.

In an article for the Cattle Network, journalist Dan Murphy asks the question: "How does a company shift gears to align with the health-conscious culture of today's largest demographic of consumers?" The Big Mac is indeed losing relevance, and food companies who emphasize better quality and transparency are surging ahead. Even meat-heavy chains like Ikea and White Castle are introducing veggie options to meet this growing demand.

We say, bring on the vegan options! Eating a plant-based diet is not only good for our health, but for our planet too. As consumers gravitate towards animal-free foods, companies like McDonalds will follow.

Source: Mercy for Animals

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Image credit: McDonalds; Daily MealVeggie Grill; by CHLOE

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