Can Bulldogs Really be Vegan?

We know you want the best for your fur baby. Switching their diet requires research, time and effort. At v-dog, we're all dog parents and dog lovers...and we're here to help! Check out the research and testimonials below related to vegan dogs and, as always, feel free to email us at with any questions!

Kristina is the dog mama of 3 and runs @Bulldogstuff on instagram. Since they switched to v-dog kibble, her 3 bulldogs have experienced less allergies, tear stains, and face fold issues, and increased digestion, endurance and vitality! Bodhi, Butters, and Bubbah are shining examples of healthy vegan bulldogs!

Another bulldog that is thriving on plants is Ooby! Here's what @bitesizevegan had to say about her beautiful vegan furbaby, "As arguably the worst of the purebreds in terms of human-induced-breed-specific problems, English Bulldogs are walking medical disasters. Ooby had 5 surgeries before she was one and chronic allergy issues her whole life. When she went on @vdogfood, her hair grew back, her energy increased, and her time in the cone of chame dramatically reduced!"


Can dogs really be vegan?

Yes! :) Through thousands of years of evolution alongside humans, dogs are omnivores (not carnivores!). They can get all of their nutrients from plant-based sources and are often healthier, leaner and more energetic when consuming vegan food. Other benefits of feeding your pup a vegan diet can include elimination of allergies, better oral hygiene, improved skin/coat, and weight management. If our testimonials page here doesn’t convince you, check out some of the research and facts on vegan dogs. (PS: Did you know one of the Guinness Book’s world’s oldest dogs “Bramble” the collie was a vegan?!)

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